Tunesday Spotlight: Rayland Baxter

As promised, here is Rayland Baxter for my tune this week. He opened for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at Friday’s show and I immediately became a fan. We got to the show a little late after he had already started and this was the first song we heard. As they were playing the into I turned to Matt and said “I like them…” and he goes… “how can you tell?” haha. I was right though! They are pretty awesome. Very, very chill music. Kind of reminds me of a more carefree David Gray. I was already planning on posting this song but yesterday I had to go into the city for a meeting and I was running late catching the train, lost my car keys and starting off the morning in a horrible, horrible mood. So as I’m sitting on the train seething with anger at this shitty morning, this song is the first song to come on my iPod and it immediately de-stressed me. I took it as a sign, haha. So here you go kiddies!

Rayland Baxter – The Mtn Song.

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