Welcome to Sound City

My husband and I made somewhat unconventional Valentine’s Day plans… well… Valentine’s Day Eve plans, really. See, we had the traditional stuffy dinner reservations that would have been uber expensive and not very exciting AND THEN we watched Dave Grohl’s Sound City Movie documentary. If you are a true follower of my blog you know my borderline unhealthy obsession with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, LOL. Anyhow, we watched his documentary and were feeling totally inspired. I thought about it for about .5 seconds and realized I’d much rather see the Sound City lineup perform live than sit a few feet away from each other in a loud restaurant and try to look more in love than the couples around us. So that’s what we did. The night before Valentine’s Day we made our way into the city and had a fun dinner of burger and beers before heading over to Hammerstein Ballroom. BEST. DECISION. EVER. We had the best time! Oh and I made BFF’s with Rachael Ray, dead serious, hahaha. She is apparently a big Dave fan too… who knew? She’s SO much different in person than on TV. She has kind of a dirty mouth and I kind of really dig that about her. Wasn’t a huge fan of hers until I met her in real life. ANYWAY – the concert was amazeballs! I got to see Rick Springfield perform Jesse’s Girl live… with the Foo Fighters no less! Jesse’s Girl is the ultimate. John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, Lee Ving, the drummer from Rage Against the Machine, just to name a few!

If you are a big Rick Springfield fan like I am, enjoy this live footage of Jesse’s Girl!

Sorry if it’s a little shaky.. my arms got kind of tired holding up the camera. :] Check out some of my favorite pics from the night.

me and my bestie, Rachael Ray
a very romantic Empire State Building!

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