A Week in Review: Instagram

love when people do this, when they post a bunch of their Instgram pictures from the past week. I don’t really lead a super exciting life, especially post baby. I don’t go out to fabulous galas, or fancy parties… a 20 minute dinner every now and then and a late night house party are still how I spend my nights. But sometimes I can make myself look a little more interesting via Instagram. Love that app, don’t you? ;]

rach blog.1. my fabulous daughter, Charlotte. I took this picture because she just looked too freaking cute not to. My mission in life is to make her famous… but we’ll get to that later.
.2. My dresser after spending hours (and lots of money) at Home Goods. I LOVE that place. My dresser, and makeup, needed a total makeover and I’m quite happy with the results.
.3. I spent most of my childhood making fun of my mother for how big and thick her glasses were. THANK GOD for laser eye surgery. But now the very same glasses she wore when she was around my age are back in style. And I got a pair. And now I look exactly like her. Go me.
.4. Our Sunday Brunch mashup. My husband and I have breakfast/brunch every single Sunday and every now and then our friends will join us. I used my fabulous homemade chalkboards to make a little menu and our friend Billy made some DE-LISH Bloody Mary’s! I typically hate them but these were pretty yummy.
.5. This one speaks for itself. I love quotes and this is a good one!
.6. My latest mani! I loved the neutral color with the little black heart. It matches my black soul. Just kidding, hah hah. :]
.7. & .8. These are a couple pictures from my dear friend Danny’s surprise birthday party this weekend! The first picture is of my friend Jon and me and the second is, of course, the hubs & me. I apologize for Matt’s facial expression in this picture… he was obviously having a great night, hahaha.
.9. Boogie’s first time in the snow!!!!! How awesome is she? She loved it! She was so cute in her big puffy snow suit. My dad kept making little snow balls and handing them to her and she couldn’t lift her arms up to grab them. She just sat there with her eyes pretty much closed with this cute little smile on her face. I also have to thank our friends Mike & Kat for the snow suit! What life savers they are!

So that’s it kids. A look back at my week via my Insta. Follow all my pics here. :] Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I’ll catch ya later for a little song of the week. Kisses!



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