Tunesday Spotlight: Maroon 5

So I’m probably WAY behind on this… but I heard Maroon 5’s ‘Daylight’ for the first time last week and I’m absolutely entirely completely obsessed with it. I saw the video for Playing for Change which is so inspiring! If you haven’t heard about this organization it’s perfection. They’re bringing the world together through music, basically, in a nutshell. And is that not the most wonderful thing you’ve ever heard? Read more about it here. So anyway. I saw this video last week while I was in the height of my PMS stage  [ha!] and it made me cry.. HA.. so embarrassing. But ever since I’ve been really obsessed with this song. I’ll pull the video up on YouTube and dance around the room with Charlotte… she loves it too. Obvi, it’s my tune of the week. Enjoy!

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