Pushing 60, Not Daisies.

Folks, we’ve been seeing each other long enough… it’s time you met my mother! No but seriously, my mom just started a blog and I think it’s going to be pretty fabulous. She is looking 60 in the face, and her blog is all about how she is going to embrace it. My mom is one badass chick. Previously first in the world in karate, owner of her own newspaper, tattoos makeup on her own face… badass. So anyway, there’s a link to her blog below, she has one introductory blog post so far, but there’s much more to come. If you’re into fun DIY projects, cosmetic surgery, tattooing your own makeup, and turning any age you’re not sure you’re ready to cope with, her blog is for you! She’s known to be quite quirky, never disappoints. There’s a couple pictures of us below too. [Me & mom in Aruba a few years ago, and the two of us with Char this past Christmas time]. Enjoy!

Pushing 60, not Daisies.


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