Friday Fav: Twilight Edition

Hola amigos! As I was sifting through this week’s red carpet looks there were two that jumped out at me right away… and they just so happened to both be worn by two of Twilight’s leading ladies. Take a gander.

Look numero uno belongs to Nikki Reed. The bitch looks amazing. And it’s such a simple ensemble isn’t it?  Like nothing too crazy going on here… simple colors, simple draping, simple hair and makeup… but I think that’s what makes it so gorgeous. SHE is so gorgeous that she could wear a damn potato sack and you’d be like, OH MY GOD did you see Nikki Reed in that sack? Gorgeous daaahling. Anyway. She seems to sparkle and she looks so happy and comfortable and I’m really digging it. Well played Ms. Reed, well played.







Onto the next one…

Speaking of ‘oh my god’ … OH MY GOD. When I saw this picture I squealed with delight a little bit. Ashley Greene is always dressed flawlessly, but she rarely has a sexy sexy quality to her ensembles. She always looks amazing but she usually teeters on the ‘cute’ side rather than ‘sexy.’ Well, she blows sexy out of the water in this dress. She should just marry Donna Karan because she can dress Ashley Greene like no other. The color of this dress with the fit and detailing of the corset  style top is to dieeee for. I want it, now. Just drool worthy, really nothing else to say about it!







So these are my favorite looks for the week. What do you guys think of them? Let me know! Until later, kisses. <3

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