Wednesday Worst!

Morning kids. Happy Hump Day! Let’s get right into this Hump Day Worst, shall we?

Amanda Peet

I’m sorry… I don’t mean to be rude, but what in the world was she thinking here? First of all, the fit is absolutely atrocious. Second of all, those shoes with that length dress? Helen Keller would be able to tell you that looks awful. I will say I really like what’s going on here from the neck up. Her hair looks effortless (but not rolled out of bed and didn’t have time to do my hair – effortless) and her makeup is simple while still making her eyes pop without overdoing it to compete with the red lip. That, I’m digging. From the neck down though? SO wrong. So, so wrong. She looks like she’s channeling a witch from the Salem Witch Trials with this boot/dress combo. I mean, a very fashionable witch… but a witch… I can’t. What do you guys think? Hit or miss?

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