Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years.

HI! Remember me? :] I have been beyond MIA lately. Missed you guys, swear it. So I have a quick little video for you guys, it’s kind of a review of some liquid eyeliner along with my suggestions. Fascinating, I know. Just a quick little video to remind you how much you’ve missed me. Kidding, of course. Maybe? I’m not. I hope to make a video soon all about shopping for maternity clothes. Believe me, it may sound stupid, but it’s a freaking bitch when you are a young, first time mother. Finding flattering maternity clothes when you’re 23 is like trying to find love at an EDM festival with all those weirdos rolling on E feeling everyone up in their neon tutus. Well, you catch my drift. So! here we go. Enjoy all four minutes of it, I worked hard! And Baby R (also known as Charlotte, also known as Boogie) has a cameo, woo! I’m making her a youtube star! I’ll be back soon. Kisses.

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