Wednesday Worst!

Afternoon babes! You’re in luck today. Thanks to this rain we’re getting pounded with here in NJ, I have time to update the blog today. Usually in the afternoons I try to take the baby for walks on the beach, she LOVES it outside. But alas, we’re stuck indoors today. So as she naps, I blog. Lovely. Let’s kick off this week’s entry with a little Wednesday Worst.

Starring: Rashida Jones. 

So… let me just start by saying, I don’t hate everything about this look. Well, I mean, maybe I do. I don’t hate the dress, and I don’t hate the blazer. But the fact that she paired these together? That I’m hating. The dress, as far as I can tell, looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely something I would wear. Maxi’s are in, keyholes are in, black is always in. The dress is a DO. However, this ill-fitting blazer she has thrown over it? Makes the whole outfit look a tad…. frumpy? I think that’s the right word to describe this getup. Maybe if she chose a blazer of a different color? Something to add a little pop to the ensemble? Especially since she chose a dress that sweeps the floor and doesn’t show a hint of shoe, which could have added a little bit of versatility with the colors here. So overall, I like the pieces, but separately. When these two items are thrown together it looks sloppy and rushed to me. If the blazer was a little more tailored it could have worked but it’s not, so sadly this outfit is a major fail for me.

What do you guys think? Agree or agree to disagree?

Are you watching the Olympics this week? So exciting isn’t it!? This is really the first year I’ve been super into it… I have even been going as far to record certain events I can’t miss. Sad! Being a swimmer I’m obsessed with the swimming and diving events. I get major anxiety watching the swimmers race and the divers approach the edge of the platform. So scary but I majorly envy these athletes. I can’t imagine the determination and dedication it takes to make it where they are. Major props, and of course, go USA! :]

Someone remind me to make time to post on Friday because I have two people who I want to post as my Friday Favs and it would be such a waste if I forget! K thanks, love you bye!

2 Replies to “Wednesday Worst!”

  1. dare i say i…like it. for fall that is. i’m kinda looking forward to being able to sport a long black maxi dress, a fitted blazer, booties and a HUGE knit scarf. maybe it’s the pinterest influence on me.

    1. ah yes but that’s the key word there, FITTED blazer. I feel like this look would be completely different if she wore a better fitting blazer. It looks all loose and sloppy to me. I’d really like it otherwise.

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