Weekend Mani

Aloha friends! So I’m trying my very hardest to keep up with my blog whenever I have time. I’m currently sitting on the floor of my living room while Charlotte (formerly known as Baby R) relaxes in her little nap nanny next to me. My, my, how my life has changed! This time 10 and a half months ago I’d be out to dinner with the hubs, enjoying a couple cocktails before our adventures for the evening began. But honestly guys, when I look over at my boogie and she smiles at me, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! It’s really the best feeling. BUT! This post isn’t about how awesome being a mommy is.. because I could go on about that forever. Eventually I plan on integrating a little motherly wisdom onto this bad boy, but I’ll need way more time for that!

Something you may seriously take for granted before having a newborn? Painting your nails! It really is a luxury! As is blow drying your hair and even being able to take your time…… going to the bathroom. So when my mother comes to take the babe for a couple hours, I jump at the chance to paint my nails. Check out some of my newest creations.

This is what I’m currently rocking right now. It’s a lovely combination of my favorite shade by Essie, “Fiji,” tipped with a new Essie shade from their metallic line, “Nothing Else Metals.” Cute right? It looks silver in the picture, but it’s a pink metallic shade.

This little look is a combination of ‘Kutki’ by NARS and the new “A Stroke of Brilliance” by Essie. Love this look too. The only thing I hate about using the Luxe effect polishes from Essie is that they are a BITCH to get off! You literally have to file the top of your nails for like 20 minutes to get the glitter off. Such a pain. But they look so good at the time, it’s like, whatever! hah

So these are the only two manicures I’ve been able to do with some fun since I’ve had the baby. It just doesn’t seem right for me, I know! I tried the first manicure (the french) when the baby was home and I literally had to do it like one nail at a time before she needed to be picked up or something. It’s a process, LOL!

So that’s it folks. Now it’s time to watch a little bit of the Olympic opening ceremonies before the babe has to be put to bed. I’m beyond stoked for swimming & diving, being a swimmer myself. Can’t wait to watch Lochte kick some ass! I also love gymnastics… hello guilty pleasure! Until next time, sweeties. Kisses!

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