Wednesday Worst!

I know, I know… it’s been just about forever since I’ve posted anything on here. My apologies! It’s hard to keep up with a newborn and a blog. But alas, I will try harder! So let’s begin this whole ‘me trying harder’ phase with a little Wednesday Worst, shall we?

I am obsessed with the Real Housewives… of pretty much anywhere, except Atlanta. I can’t listen to them for more than 10 minutes before I have a migraine! Anywho, so yesterday was the reunion for the housewives of the OC and I have to just talk about something that has irked me for the past like… 6 seasons. I think Tamra is a pretty woman. I think she is a little weathered with age, but she’s pretty none the less! Unfortunately, however, for some reason the more she tries to dress herself up and look all glamourous and young, the more she looks (to me) like a drag queen. What is that all about? Take a gander…

I feel like she always does this for reunions… the hair is too big, the makeup is too dark… she just looks to me like she’s trying WAY too hard to look 10 years younger than she is. She’s trying to look like her gal pal Gretchen.

So what do you guys think? Does she look fabulous to you, or is this look kind of a miss? I wish she would tone it down a little bit because she truly is a beauty when she dresses it down!

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