Introducing Charlotte Helen Ross

So by now we’ve all noticed I have not posted on here in…. a while, ha. That is because Baby R finally made her grand entrance into the world! It’s been a long time coming… 40 weeks and 3 days to be exact, but she’s finally here. She’s taking a lot of my time so I may not be posting as much as usual. Sorry folks, I’ll try my best though!

Here is my beautiful baby girl. :]

She is absolutely perfect… the love of my life, really.

She was born at exactly 2:34 pm on Friday June 15th (my half birthday! ha) She was a whopping 7 pounds 12 oz and measured 18 inches long. She’s my little meatball :]

For everyone who has been following my blog from the beginning I just wanted to fill you guys in on the exciting news. Stay tuned for more exciting baby updates and of course I’ll get back to my usual posts soon! Kisses everyone <3

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