Wednesday Worst!

It pains me to post this one… but I see just no other option this week. Out of all the looks I’ve seen, this is by far the worst. womp womp.

Amy Poehler

I want to not hate this so much… but I can’t. It’s entirely wrong in just every way. I want to say that maybe if it were a pant suit it wouldn’t be so bad, but I think even that wouldn’t save this look. Actually, it’s entirely possible it would make it worse. First of all, the look on her face, she looks like the Joker secretly plotting against Bat Man, but her hair looks fabulous, so that’s good. The high neckline and buttoned up blazer paired with shorts featuring some pasty legs? I just don’t like it Amy! Why not layer a coat of self tanner on those gams before sporting this look? Wouldn’t kill ya! I’m sorry Amy… I love ya, but this is a miss for me. :[

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