Wednesday Worst!

Well, first let me apologize for being MIA yesterday! I was actually bed-ridden for most of the afternoon until bed time with a torn muscle in my stomach. Not so much fun when your baby decides that’s exactly where she wants to sit all day and uses that muscle as a trampoline. Thankfully this morning I feel much better! I think it is due, in part, to the fact that Baby R has rolled over and is no longer resting solely on my torn muscle. Thank you, baby.

So anyway! Now that I can actually walk again, I didn’t want to miss a beat here. Let’s get right down to it. Here is my Wednesday Worst for this week:

I don’t care what anyone else has to say about this look, or Katy Perry herself because I know she has a billion die-hard ‘we will defend her honor til the death’ fans, but she looks like she walked right out of the movie The Craft  here. I know she is ALL about reinventing herself with different hair colors, like, once a month, I know that’s her MO… but the purple hair is not what bothers me. It’s the whole look together. If you say she looks good you are a liar. It’s too much, just way too much. The dark hair, the dark lips (yikes, first of all), the dark eye makeup, the floor length semi see-through dress, the rosary looking beads, and those weird pointy shoes? She looks like the wicked witch of LA. And I hate to say it because I like Katy Perry, I do! But let’s face it… every celebrity cannot look perfect all the time. And if they did, I wouldn’t have this glorious section of my blog entitled Wednesday Worst. It’s the circle of life my friends, we must accept it. And again, Katy Perry is known for doing some wacky, out of the box looks. She has provided plenty of looks over the years that could be a Wednesday Worst OR a Friday Fav.

To be honest, I’m kind of digging her purple hair. Out of all of the colors she has dyed it lately, this is one of my favorites. It’s bold, but doesn’t look cartoonish like her blue hair did. If she only toned everything else down for this look, maybe it wouldn’t be such a disaster in my book. For example, cut about 2 feet off the bottom of the dress to make it shorter and either tone down the lips or the eyes and this really wouldn’t be so terrible. But unfortunately Katy, this is a miss for me.

How do you guys feel? Are you just so used to her antics because it’s like, “oh it’s Katy Perry, she’s crazy! She’ll wear anything!” Or do you hold her to a higher fashion standard like apparently I do? hah. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Lemme know. :]

Have a great day guys! And don’t pull any muscles in your tummy! Believe me, it’s no day at the park. haha until tomorrow, kisses!

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  1. i wanted to like this! just couldn’t do it. i actually dig dark lips sometimes (kate bosworth met gala, hello?!) but your comment about her looking like she’s from the craft…spot on! so awful!

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