The Private(ish) Life of Rachel Ross

Good afternoon, loves! How are we all today? I’ll be honest, I am not so great. I am feeling kinda crappy today. I think it’s a combination of the weather and having a super busy weekend… but that’s what I wanted to write about today! On Saturday my best friends and wonderful family surprised me with the most perfect baby shower, ever! It was such a blast. AND I was genuinely surprised, which was nice. I feel like that never happens anymore, haha. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the day with you guys.

This was my reaction to being surprised. The whole thing was, I was supposed to be going to lunch with my best friend & my mother. My mom got me in my parent’s house (where the shower was being held) by telling me to come inside and look at the crib they set up in the baby’s room (my brother’s old room, hah). I walked right past everyone and right up the stairs and no one said a word, no surprise or anything… I guess they were all waiting for me to notice them? hah but the funny part was, before I noticed everyone all huddled together in the corner, I tripped on my dress going up the stairs and dropped the f bomb, quite loudly. Surprise!

Me in my “mommy to be sash” :]

I love this picture! This is my mom, my grandmother, and me!

Another one of my favorites. My whole family! We made sure to get a picture this day because we never took a whole family photo at my wedding. How weird right?

Me and my older brother, Shay. Or Shaymo as I call him.

It is already pre-determined that Baby R will be a Yankee, Giants, Devils, and Knicks fan.

These are my best friends in the entire world. From left to right, Justine, Ashley, myself, Laura, and Marlena. Ashley is the baby’s godmother and the rest of the girls are the baby’s amazing aunts. They seriously went above and beyond for this shower, I was impressed. And isn’t it funny that three of us showed up wearing coral? It was the color of the day, so many women had it on!

This is the amazing diaper cake Ashley made! We played a game, “guess how many diapers in the cake.” Think you can guess how many are in there? There’s over 300! Seriously absurd.









And the amazing cupcakes that Ashley also made!

True story… I saw very similar cupcakes on Pinterest, and I re-pinned them with the caption: “Ashley, if you don’t make these for my baby shower we are no longer friends.” She doesn’t even have Pinterest, haha. But I am seriously obsessed with elephants and she came through in the end! How adorable are they? How amazing is Ashley?



So those are some of my favorite pictures! We played a lot of fun games too, like baby bingo, guess the candy bar (which was actually disgusting but still fun hah) and guess how big my stomach is. The day was seriously perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I have the best friends and this baby has the best aunts for taking such good care of me. :] Between my baby shower and all of the mother’s day festivities on the following day, I am seriously pooped! I left everything I got at my parent’s house over the weekend and went back today and spent hours organizing everything. I separated all the clothes Baby R received by age, separated everything else into categories like “bottles and kitchen,” “bath time,” “shoes and accessories,” “stuffed animals,” “blankets,” and so on and so forth… you get the picture. I am very organized when it comes to this baby! hah Check out her closet though… it is shaping up to look a lot like her mommy’s!



AND!! This is her gorgeous crib with all of the bedding, finally!

Everything is coming together, which is good because we only have a month left! Or… according to my grandfather, 2 weeks. HAH. He is out of his mind but he believes the baby will be here the end of May. I’m excited for her to finally get here, but I think I can wait the extra 2 weeks… just to prepare, hah.

Once her room is all finished and set up I will post more pictures. I ordered the most gorgeous wall decals for her room too, I can’t wait to put them up! So many exciting things!

Well, I just wanted to share with you guys a little bit, let you know what was going on in my life as of late. I hope you had an amazing mother’s day, and a great weekend! I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Kisses!

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  1. Aw! Looks like you had a great day! I love the cute pink Yankee outfit! Her new closet looks awesome!

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