Wednesday Worst!

I was all set for my Wednesday Worst this week… it was even going to be a Kentucky Derby special! Let’s just say… thanks to a certain NBC star, some celebs are safe this week. So let’s hope they choose to wear something a little more normal this week and don’t end up here next Wednesday anyway.

Let’s get to it… I’m just going to put this out there… if you wear a bedazzled diaper, you are automatically the worst dressed out of anyone in the room. Observe:

photo credit: NBC

Christina Aguilera 

What in the hell Christina, what in the hell? I understand she has this whole “I don’t give a crap what people think about me, I love my body” attitude. And honestly, I commend her for that. But I know plenty of women who love their bodies and still wear some sort of pants or bottoms. I mean, honestly, for a while there she was looking pretty conservative, so much so that it even made the news! I mean… look at her here only a few weeks ago:

Her boobs are all tucked away, for the most part, her hair is sleek and tamed, she’s got a smoldering eye look going on but keeping it balanced with a neutral lip. She looks so good! And this was supposed to be the “look” she was going for from now on, said her stylist. So what in the world happened from there? Who in the world looked at her in that gaudy, sparkly diaper and said, you know what girl? You look good! You wear that diaper and you wear it proud! I mean seriously, even if you were still the Christina from the days of Pop that I loved so much, I still wouldn’t want to see you in that, much like I didn’t care to see you in assless chaps in your Dirrrrrrty Days. I mean she looks like a lion tamer that was late for the circus and forgot her pants. Why, Christina, why?

And while we’re on the subject! It certainly doesn’t help her case that she was super nasty to my favorite contestant (after Erin Willett!) Tony Luca! What is her deal? I am putting in his performance of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems because I thought he honestly did an amazing job. The way they changed that song around for him was so awesome I feel like they could put it on some sort of movie soundtrack. I see that being the main song for like, this summer’s blockbuster hit that’s a Western, ya know? It’s so good and of course she had to go and make it personal. Kudos to Team Adam for handling that so well. I hate to overdo the personal opinion on here, but it’s my blog and that was annoying me, so whatever. Deal with it! Just kidding. :] But in all seriousness, anyone who gets their panties in a bunch over that song needs to relax. I liked it when Jay-Z came out with it, and I liked it even more when I heard Tony Luca sing it the other night. I am a girl, I can be a bitch. I can admit that. If you can’t…. that’s your prob, bob!

So there ya have it folks. My Wednesday Worst this week goes to the one and only, “Xtina,” Queen of all things Gaudy. What do you guys think? Did you like her studded underwear or was it a miss for you too? Let me know! And in the mean time, enjoy a nice little performance from Tony Luca on The Voice!

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  1. she really was the worst. i really liked her conservative look. she needs to go back to that. i totally agree with you about tony luca though!!

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