Tunesday Spotlight: Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson

So I saw this live performance when it aired on the CMA’s and I recently downloaded the song and I’m a little obsessed with it. I really forgot how much I liked this when I watched it live. Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson have the most intense sexual tension I have ever seen before. I don’t know what the deal is between the two of them, if they’re just putting on an extra good show because of the nature of the song, or what, but it is HOTT. Like, muy caliente! It’s like they are fighting themselves to keep their hands off each other. You can almost hear the panties dropping throughout the crowd. At any rate, this is an awesome song and I quite enjoy watching them sing it to each other. Without any further ado, (?) here is Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson live at the CMA’s performing “Run.” Enjoy!

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