Friday Fav!

It’s that time of the week again and I know you all have been on the edge of your seats wondering who I’m going to praise this week. No? You haven’t? Oh well. I’ll show you anyway!

The winner of the week goes tooooooo……

Claire Danes!

How awesome does she look in this sexy little neon number? As the world knows, neon is like the hottest thing right now. I am love, love, loving her in this neon pink dress! I love that it’s sexy enough to steal the show on its own and she didn’t overdo it with a ton of other accessories or accents. Just the right amount of boobage being shown, very understated jewelry, she didn’t go overboard with the makeup and yet somehow her eyes are still smoldering. I am drooling over this look! The girl looks hawt. Like back in her Romeo and Juliet days, makes me happy! I love a good comeback.

So there ya have it folks! That’s my favorite look this week. What do you think of it? Did she nail it, or does it fall flat for you? I love to get everyone else’s opinion! (I really do, I’m not just saying that haha). So let me know! Leave me a comment, let me know what you think or who you would have voted best dressed this week!

ALSO. I have a fab tutorial coming your way next week so stay tuned for that. And the Linea Pelle sample sale ends today. I hope you guys stocked up on lot’s of goodies! I’m sure mommy would love a new Linea Pelle bag for Mother’s Day… wink, wink, nod, nod!

7 Replies to “Friday Fav!”

  1. I think the look is ok. I would have preferred a slightly shorter skirt, just above the knees, and I am not a fan of the shoes. The make-up and accessories are nice, though and I really love the color.

      1. Of course – duh me! 🙂 He was cute back then but think he is gorg now as the 30 seconds to mars frontman 😀

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