My Secret to the Next Day Blowout

If you have hair like mine, blowouts can be kind of bittersweet. You love blowing out your hair because let’s face it, when it’s in its natural state it can be kind of cray, but the next day your hair just never, ever looks as good. It’s a total bummer. BUT my dear sweet friends, I have a solution for you. I have the curliest of curly hair. Please note something that I swore I would never share with the public… a picture one of my best friends took of me while camping in the jungles of Costa Rica. We literally lived in a tree house for a week. It was amazing, if you can get used to the Howler Monkeys waking you up at 4 in the morning like they’re about to storm into the place and eat you alive. Other than that, and the bugs (of course), it’s a lot of fun, ha. So anyway, as you can imagine, life in the jungle isn’t exactly the equivalent to a spa treatment for my hair.

Observe: This lovely picture, taken in January of 2009, haunts my life. THIS is what my hair looks like in its natural habitat, the jungle. That’s where I belong with this mane. Ok it’s not REALLY this bad, this was after some brushing but when people say “oh just let your hair air dry and then style it” this is what I would have to walk around with first. And that, my friends, will never, ever, happen. EVER. There was even a phase like a year ago where “frizz was in” and I was like YES this is my chance! But even then I was like no, this looks insane. Literally.

SO anyway! As you can guess, all the hair gel in the world can’t really contain my locks so I never wear it curly anymore. Blow dryers and straighteners are typically part of my daily routine. But there is nothing more frustrating than going through all the effort of blow drying your hair only to wake up with it all matted to your head with sweat looking like a hot mess. It really sogs my bread, ya know? SO! Over the years I have come up with the best solution. Take a look at this short video to learn all the secrets about how to preserve your blowout for as long as possible! Enjoy!

So that’s it folks! All you need is a 2 inch curling iron and you can make your blowout last for days. Here are a couple pictures I took about 20 minutes after filming the video so you have a better idea of what your hair will look like.


See! The curls have fallen out and you are left with beautiful waves. You look like you just walked out of the hair salon. A couple other tips I wanted to add that I didn’t mention in the video were how to wear your hair when you sleep. After I give myself a blowout I always sleep with my hair in a loose top knot on top of my head. That way your hairs not all over the place getting all hot and sweaty and sticking to your neck throughout the night. Keeps you cool and keeps your hair in a wave-like formation for the next morning. Another plus of using the 2″ curling iron for touch ups? The heat from the barrel acts as almost a flat iron when you use it. It’s big enough and hot enough to smooth your hair, but not small enough to straighten it like a flat iron will. You can use this trick for as long as your hair will allow. Since my hair is thicker it doesn’t need to be washed that often. If you have thinner hair you might have to wash your hair every day or every other day.

So let’s recap shall we? Blow dry your hair. Wear it and love it all day and night. When it’s time for bed wrap it up in a nice, loose top knot. The next day, “curl” it with a 2″ curling iron, nothing smaller! And there ya have it. That should preserve your blowout for as long as you want it to. Try it out! Let me know how it works for you. :]

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  1. Great tips! I’ll definitely have to try this out. I also have super curly hair. Btw, you’re gorgeous! I’m jealous!

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