Wednesday Worst!

It is an insanely crappy day here on the east coast. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table wrapped up in my bright pink snuggie eating a bowl of cereal. I have no real ambition to do anything today with weather like this! I hate that. But anyway, as promised, after posting my Friday faves last week, check out my Wednesday worsts.

First up….

Miss Jennifer Lopez

I truly look forward to watching American Idol for no other reason than to see what J.Lo is wearing that night. Let’s be serious ya’ll…. she has had some insane outfits that go from one end of the spectrum to the other. And honestly, they’re not always bad (like Ms. Christina Aguilera on The Voice…. woof). On the other hand, some of J. Lo’s outfits are just like… what are you doing? Now, this outfit over here to our left, I don’t hate everything about it. In fact, I really love the color blocking, the bright green pants and the cream top separated by that gorgeous blue belt. But her camel toe is about a mile long and her shoes look like she borrowed them from Herman Monster. They just don’t go. I wish the pants just fit her differently… they even look like when she sits down they’re going to be so tight around her legs, you know that feeling I’m talking about? I hate that! From the waist up, I love this outfit. But from the camel toe down, it’s a fail for me J.Lo. I’m sorry. :[ But yo, yo, J. Lo, dawg, I’m sure this week, you’ll be in it to win it yo.

Alright, next up!

Miss Kim I’m always in the tabloids Kardashian 

Kim…. sweetheart…. what is this? What in Heaven’s name were you thinking when you put this dress on? It is unflattering on just about every level it could be. What is that fabric? Metallic turtle skin? Yikes. It’s bunchy in all the wrong places, the hem is waaaaay too long, it looks like it’s about to slide right off of her, it’s just rubbing me the wrong way entirely. I will give her credit for the hot pink shoes because I am all about those lately, but everything else? Ouch…. fail. This one upsets me too because she’s usually such a great dresser, totally conscious of her body type and playing up her shape in great ways. This outfit? Not so much. Why Kim, why? I’ll just blame it on she’s spending too much time with Kanye. He is bad for everyone’s judgement.




So there ya have it kiddies, my Wednesday Worsts for the week! I like doing Friday Favorites much more because I like giving someone compliments rather than ripping on someone, but if I’m going to have Friday Faves it is only appropriate to have Wednesday Worsts. I’ll try to keep it as sweet as possible! haha.

ALSO! I YouTubed my April Favorites and added a few things I didn’t mention on here yesterday, so feel free to check that out below. :] Hope your day is bright and sunny wherever you are! & if it is… pass some sunshine my way! K thanks, love you bye!


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    1. I am well aware that look is super in right now – and I don’t even hate all of it. I’m just not sure she’s workin it the way she would other outfits. Matter of opinion! 🙂

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