April Faves!

Good morning kids, Happy May!! Can you believe it’s May already? I feel like April just stopped by to say hi and left. May is probably going to fly by as well as I have a ton of things lined up this month. Pretty much everyone I know has a birthday this month… I have family parties, I should be visiting school this weekend to support my Sorority and see some sisters I haven’t seen in forever, I should be having a baby shower (cough, cough), and Bamboozle! At which I hope to meet the one and only Dave Grohl. My old boss has come through with All Access passes to this wondrous event and I plan on stalking Dave the entire time, haha. Not seriously, but I am most excited for that! I can never pass up an opportunity to see the Foo Fighters, even if I will be over 8 months pregnant. Whateva, ya know?

Anywho! April is already gone, which is crazy to me, but which also means it’s time for April Favorites! Let’s get to it. I have a few oh-so-random items to talk about this time hah.

Bling! I picked up these two awesome bracelets from a little boutique in Little Silver, NJ called Uphoria Boutique. They have ALL of the cutest stuff and I cannot wait til I lose this baby bump + baby weight, I will be shopping there all the time. In the meantime, I stick to the jewelry because at least that I can still wear, hah. This little shop has the best jewelry, too. Neon watches that are totally in right now, big bangles, wrap around bracelets, everything. I literally went back and forth between these bracelets and a few others for about 15 minutes. It was torture, but eventually I ended up going with these two. “LOVE” jewelry is very in right now and I am a sucker for anything with skulls on them. I liked these two as well because the turquoise bracelet will look beautiful with a coral manicure and some bright jewelry for summer, and the white marble skull bracelet literally goes with anything. Right now I’m wearing them together and they look awesome.

COLOR! I have had most of these YSL eyeshadow pallets since Fashion Night Out last year but I hardly ever play around with them anymore. Recently I’ve been using them more and more mixing and matching colors from each one. I used to be a big lover of eyeshadow, every other day I’d have some other wacky combination of colors adorning my eyelids. Somewhere along the line I kind of grew up too much and started taking myself too seriously. I got way too into the whole “we must look like grown ups and everything must match” thing that was going on for a while. Now, I say fack it. Play with color, have fun. I have a collection of eyeshadows so big I could open up my own beauty supply store and I was using the same “Natural Eye pallet” every day. That should seriously be considered a crime. These bad boys look bold but are subtle enough to play with color without going overboard. They’re obviously a little on the expensive side, but look how pretty they are!

Self tanning Lotion! As we all know by now, since I got pregnant I have clearly given up tanning. (As everyone should, it’s so bad for you and there are a million alternatives out there!!!) Sorry, I don’t usually force my opinion on people but tanning and smoking are two things I will just never understand why people do them. ANYWAY. SO as you might all remember, since I gave up tanning I have been looking for the perfect at home spray tan which has been an epic battle to say the least. I have finally given up on that search as I am pretty sure that product does not exist, at least not within my budget. But one thing that has never done me wrong? Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion. This stuff is a gift from the Heavens. It provides just the right amount of color, it’s not streaky, it doesn’t clump up at your elbows and knees, it doesn’t smell so bad you need a gas mask to apply it… it’s just phenomenal. I have been using this for the past month or two and although I’m not super tan anymore, it still keeps me looking like I have a healthy glow, and that my friends, is the point. We’ve been lucky enough to have SOME nice weather here in NJ so I’ve been able to lay out a few days here and there and seal in the color with this lotion. I love it! I definitely recommend it!

Soap….. This is probably one of the more random items on my list, but I just feel the need to express my love for Dove products, especially their soaps, haha. I HATE using a bar of soap that leaves my skin feeling almost sticky? Like seriously, how does that make anyone feel clean? The only soap I’ve ever used that never made my skin feel like that is by Dove. They have perfected the art of the good soap. And these go fresh items they carry? Superb! They smell amazing and seriously get the job done of waking me up in the morning. I love these things.

Nails! Ok, but now it is really no secret that I am beyond obsessed with this shade of nail polish by Essie. It is called “Fiesta” and I feel like my hands are having a fiesta every time I put this shade on. It’s a bold pink, but not over the top girly and like, “ew that’s so pink,” pink. You know what I mean? Every time I paint my nails I find myself having an internal fight with my subconscious not to pick out this color for the 100th time in a row. Much like my eyeshadow collection, I have a vast nail polish collection as well so I try to use as much color as I can but this shade makes it so hard! It literally looks perfect on. If you haven’t done so already, go to the store and grab this shade. I think it’s the perfect pink for people who really aren’t THAT into pink, like myself.

LIPS! I have this really weird obsession with lipstick… I am not really a lipstick person. I’m more of a put on a coat of chapstick and then top it with lip gloss kind of person. However, every time I go to the store I find myself pouring over the lipsticks like all of the sudden I’m going to be into them. I trick myself into believing it and I usually buy one or two shades that I’ll never wear.

HOWEVER! I have found about 4 shades that I do wear, not all the time, but out of the 100 I own, if I’m in the mood for lipstick I can grab one of four shades and feel satisfied. These two are the perfect shades for Spring. Both by Revlon, they don’t make me feel like a circus clown when I have them on. I am always looking for a pretty peach color that almost looks like you’re not even wearing lipstick, but that maybe you just bit your lip? Peach Parfait, that shade! Well done Revlon. It’s almost a little rosy colored which adds a little color to your lips natural hue. The second color is, for me, the perfect shade of pink. I bought this when the whole neon pink lip trend was in, and it is in no way a neon pink, hah. Which… Thank god! I would have looked ridiculous as I never ever wear lipstick and my first attempt would have been with a neon pink? Who am I? In any event, this pink is soft but still punchy. Not too babydoll-ish but pink enough to stand out. Gorg for Spring!

Last but not least…. SMELL! One of my best friends bought this body spray from Victoria’s Secret for me 2 years ago as a bachelorette party gift. I got married at the end of the summer and she said “wear this on your honeymoon and then every time you use it after that it will always remind you of that time in your life.” And my god was she right! I try not to use it that often because I don’t want the smell and memory to go away, haha. But it’s called Island Escape and it’s a mix of “Beachy Coconut” and Sugarcane. It smells like pure amazingness. I only use it on the brightest and sunniest and warmest days as I always want to feel like I am back in Hawaii on my honeymoon whenever I wear it. Victoria’s Secret has the best of everything don’t they? Underwear…body sprays… they’re really just perfect at everything they do. If Victoria’s Secret were a woman she’d be that bitch everyone hated in High School because she was beautiful and never sucked at anything… even her grades were perfect. I hate her just thinking about her. Anyway… like I said we had some really amazing weather this past month so I’ve been wearing it a little more here and there and it’s only getting me more ready for Summer. If you need a new scent for summer I suggest snooping around the Victoria’s Secret body sprays, you are sure to find one you like that won’t break your bank!

So those are my favorites for April kids! Now I have to ponder what song I am going to post later. It’s a dreary rainy day here on the East Coast so it’ll probably be something really calming that will make everyone want to go home, put on their pajamas, and cuddle up. Or maybe it won’t…. who knows? Until later… ;] xo

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