It’s gonna be……

I really couldn’t help but post this. I’ve been seeing it all over Facebook and it makes me laugh every time. If you grew up in the era of boy bands like I did, I truly hope you appreciate this, hah. This was just a nice little thing I wanted to post today… I have nothing of any real substance to say right now, :].

BUT! If you watch The Voice on NBC, Vote Erin Willett! She is my best friend’s cousin, but even if she wasn’t, she kicks serious ass. Like really… I haven’t heard a voice like hers in so long, it’s so refreshing! AND it’s her birthday tomorrow!!! So vote for her and I’ll give ya a kiss :-* <– my kissy face. And I’m not gonna lie, there are some other awesome people on this show right now, there’s some stiff competition out there. But there are also a couple people who creep me out, I won’t mention any names, but Erin is not one of them. hah I’m always Team Blake anyway, he’s my fav!

Tomorrow I will be back in action and have some real stuff to post about, but until then, hope this holds ya over! Have a good night lovers! xoxo

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