A Thursday Treat… for your ears.

I posted the audio for my friend Jacob’s new song, The One That You Hated, a little while back, but they have finally released the video! If you don’t remember, Jacob is a dear friend of mine who has been the front man for the band Lynam for years. Recently, he joined up with former Guns N’ Roses drummer, and former Celebrity Rehab resident, Steven Adler to form….wait for it….. Adler. The song itself is about being in a relationship with someone you hate. I know.. it sounds like a Dane Cook skit, but it makes sense, haha. Rolling Stone has the rights to the video, so check it out! I promise, it’s really worth a listen.

Check it out by clicking this link right hurrr. 

In the meantime… Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of me and the guys from back in the day haha.

The first two pictures were taken all the way back in 2007 ! My, my how time flies! The last picture is of Jacob himself, from a show they played in New Jersey this past winter. Thankfully, Adler is just a side project for Jacob and Lynam still plays like they used to. I’m super proud and stoked for Jacob though, cause I mean… who doesn’t want to collaborate with Steven Adler, and even Slash (on occasion)? I have zero musical talent myself and I would love to do what they’re doing hah. Hope you guys like it! And if you don’t… well… I won’t say that you suck, but I’ll be thinking it. ;] Just kidding! And! If you like Adler, I’m sure you’ll love Lynam, so check out more of their music here, too! K thanks, love you bye.

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