DIY: Glittery Shoes

Hey guys! So this post may seem a little out of place… perhaps it should have been posted closer to New Year’s Eve or something, but it’s not, so get over it. I have been on a serious DIY kick lately. The weather for the past few days has been less than beautiful and I’ve been stuck inside with lack of better things to do, so I figured I’d get all of these little projects out of my system now. I always wanted to try DIY glittery shoes, and I think they came out pretty sexy. Check it.

Now I just want to throw this out there… I didn’t choose red so that I would wear them and people would think they were Louboutins. A. I already have a few pairs and B. No one would buy it anyway, the coveted red bottoms are never glittery… hah. I picked red because I thought the glitter in the bottle looked the best. It was between this and silver glitter, but the red won out. Ok so! This project was literally laughably easy and took like all of 5 minutes, so let’s get started!

Here’s whatcha need:

A pair of high heels – (I used a pair that I rarely ever wear, just to test the waters first). I didn’t want to try this project on like a really pair of expensive shoes I wear all the time only to have it turn out like a disaster.
Mod Podge –  This is a water base sealer & glue that you can use for almost any craft project. I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff. It’s fun for making memory boxes and stuff too which maybe I will do a DIY for in the future! hah ok, moving on… You can find it at pretty much any craft store, I grabbed mine at AC Moore.
Glitter –  I picked up “Ultra Fine Premium Glitter” in red. I chose a finer glitter rather than a thicker glitter so the finish on the shoes would look a little more sleek.
Paint Brush – You can use pretty much any paint brush. I like to use these disposable ones from craft stores that cost about 38 cents because they get really messy working with mod podge and you really can’t do anything with it after.

I recommend doing this project in a well ventilated area, perhaps somewhere where you can open the windows because the glue can smell a little strong from time to time. I did this in the kitchen with all the widows open.

So! Here are the steps: 

Step 1: In a paper plate or paper bowl (something you can throw out after) mix together some of the glitter and the glue. – *Note: It will make a creamy appearance and change the color of the glitter, but only until it dries. Once the glue dries there is no trace of it, so don’t be alarmed!

Step 2: Using your paint brush, dip it in the glue and glitter mixture and begin spreading it along the bottom of your shoes. Depending on how much of each material you use, you may have to spread a little more or a little less. It doesn’t have to go on super thick, just enough to evenly coat the bottom of your shoes.

Step 3: After you’re satisfied with the amount of glitter on there, let it dry. And that’s that. I let my shoes sit for about an hour or two, but they dried much quicker than that. And this is the final look!

I think they came out pretty neat! I have no idea where I’ll wear these any time soon, but they’re fun to just have around just in case, hah. What I really love about this project is that there are so many options! You can literally use any color glitter on any color shoe and it would come out kind of neat. It would probably be fun to play around with this for the neon trend. Find a neon color glitter and slap it on a black shoe… boom. Thank me later. ;]

So I hope you guys found this helpful! It’s a seriously easy project and like I said, only takes a few minutes at most. Try it out and send me pictures of what your shoes look like! I’d love to see.

ALSO! I will be posting a Tunesday Tune today!! It’s been weeks!!!! I have a very new song stuck in my head so I’ll probably be posting that later. Enjoy. Bye loves!! xo.

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