Spring Fever Manicure

Have you seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother when they all agree to not watch the Super Bowl until they can sit down and watch the recording together? And Ted goes out into the world wearing those ridiculous blinder goggles so he can’t see anything pertaining to the game? Yeah…. I need a pair of those goggles when I go out to drug stores.

I stop at CVS for cotton squares and I leave with my hands full of crap I don’t really need. Case and point: my latest love bird manicure. So remember my anti-Spring manicure that I was ranting and raving about? That lasted all about 2 days… maybe less. While I am still madly in love with my camo-green hue known as Armed and Ready by Essie, something else caught my eye this weekend and I couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

I am such a big fan of Sally Hansen’s nail decals. They’re easy, affordable, and adorable. I actually haven’t used them in a while as I’ve been religiously painting and re-painting my nails every other day, but I found a decal I could just not refuse. So Springy and so cute! Check it out.

Look at the little love birds! They’re just soo cute, I can’t even! NOW! Most of the time when I use these decals, I do the exact opposite of what I did up here. I usually paint all my nails except for the ring finger and apply the decals only to those fingers. But these were so cute to me I opted for the reverse. Then I couldn’t decide wether I wanted to use blue or pink on my ring fingers… so I did both. :]

You will notice the pink on my right hand is my coveted color, Fiesta by Essie. The blue on my left hand is the color I keep talking about using! Blue Away by Sally Hansen. So seriously, doesn’t it look like spring kind of threw up all over my hands? Yeah, I know. This will probably last me until Monday (if that). We all know I have serious ADD when it comes to my nails.

So what do you think? Too much or too cute? I hope you like them!

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