Tunesday Spotlight: The Wallflowers

Let’s just call this throwback Tuesday, shall we? There are two men I thoroughly enjoy in this life that aren’t my father or my husband…… and that’s Bob and little Jakey Dylan. My mom is a huge Bob Dylan fan, and when I was younger I will admit I would rather pull all of my hair out than listen to one of his songs. Fast forward 18 to 20 years later and what’s one of my absolute favorite, top 3 songs of all time? Isis by Bob Dylan, of course. (If you haven’t heard it, listen to it! It’s about 8 minutes long but undeniably an amazing song). A lot of people find that Bob can kind of be a hard pill to swallow because his voice is so…. “unique” but he is one of the best songwriters that ever lived. Disagree? I’ll fight you on it, swear. What I love most about his songs is that you can almost imagine some of them as movies they’re so descriptive and imaginative. For instance, Tangled up in Blue, Hurricane (Which did become a movie, duh!), Isis, Desolation Row…. so many to choose from. However, this is not a Bob Dylan song we’re going to listen to today.

The great thing about Bob Dylan is that he created Jacob Dylan… a watered down version of his father for my generation. Kudos, Bob, kudos. Jacob and the Wallflowers were the gateway drug I used to get into Bob I think. Although the two sound completely different, Jacob’s most recent solo album, Seeing Things, sounds like it could have been written and recorded by his father, so I’m guessing Bob has played a bigger role in Jacob’s life as a musician than he wanted to admit in earlier years, hmmm? Anyway. This song is a classic and always puts me in a good mood. Enjoy.


The Wallflowers – One Headlight

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