Strike a Pose

Good morning lovelies! So as promised, here are a few pictures from the “photo shoot” we did this weekend. It was actually a lot of fun. I figured, how often am I really going to get to do this? So I had some fun with it. My dog was there too and he is quite the camera hog. He tried to be in every picture, so sadly we had to shut him out after a while hah. After everything was finished he attacked my dad’s camera, kept pulling on the cord and barking at him. Finally my dad was like what? Do you want your picture taken too? And Buddy hopped up on the couch, and literally posed.

Look at those eyes. I don’t think Tyra would say he’s “smizing” but whatever, he’s the best poser of the day. But enough out the Bud Stud, here are a few of my favorite pictures from this weekend.


There are a couple hundred more pictures, but these are just a few that I actually edited myself. I think my pops is editing a bunch too. Like we thought, it was supremely awkward and hilariously cheesy, but so much fun. We’ll have great pictures to display in our house and something for Baby R to look at when she gets older. Speaking of! I am 30 weeks today. THIRTY weeks! I am rounding third towards home ladies and gentlemen! It’s very exciting. I’m due June 12th but every one I talk to thinks this baby’s coming early. My Grandfather (who comes from a long blood line of psychics) suspects baby R will come in the last week of May. Should we start making bets? Make things a little more interesting? Hmmm…


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