Become Someone’s Muse.

Hey, so, remember that time I posted this really cryptic and mystical tweet about wanting to become someone’s muse and stay tuned and I’ll tell you how you can be and then never posted again after that? Yeah, sorry about that. Apparently my computer decided to take a dive last week and crap out on me. So I was out of commission for a few days but thanks to my genius cousin I now have a working computer again, woo!

Let’s get back to my super secretive tweet: How to become someone’s muse. A few months ago I was lucky enough to feature jewelry designer Kasia Piechocka on my blog as she launched her new line: About The Man Who Loved Fishing. This particular collection really caught my eye because it’s a unisex jewelry line. And before you go all, “ew, unisex jewelry? I would never, gross!” Look at the collection. It’s gorgeous. There are a few pieces that I would say are either more for men or women, but in general, the collection can be worn by anyone. And my favorite thing about her line? It was all inspired by her late father and his passion for fishing, hence the name! It’s just such an awesome way to pay tribute to someone. Well, Kasia is getting ready to create her next collection but there’s just one, tiny, insignificant problem… she needs some inspiration! She is fresh out of ideas for this new line and she is looking for someone to be her new muse.

Kasia is all about designing with a passion, everything to her has a meaning. With her new collection, she is looking for the same passion from her customer. So here’s the deal… Kasia wants to hear from you. She designed a previous line around her father and his love for the sea, so who inspires you?

Let Kasia know by sending an e-mail to – send her a description of someone who has been an inspiration to you, and it can be anyone. Someone you’ve known your whole life or someone you just met yesterday, or hey, it can even be you. You can send her pictures, stories, descriptions, whatever you think would be the best way for her to get a feel for the emotion and symbolism behind this individual. You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain so seriously, send her an e-mail!

Want to read my interview with Kasia that was posted a few months ago? Just click here to check out what she’s all bout!

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