How To Curl Your Hair Tutorial – VIDEO!

Hello lovelies. So let’s just cut to the chase, I’ve done a how-to curl your hair tutorial before. But honestly, it’s so much easier to follow a tutorial when you can see it, pause it, rewind it, fast forward through the parts you already know, and whatever else you feel the need to do. So I have re-done my tutorial in a complete video. Just in time for the weekend and any St. Patrick’s Day festivities you may have! Enjoy. :]

Did you guys find this helpful? I hope so! Otherwise, what the hell am I doing it for right? hah – if you want to dress your curls up for this weekend’s festivities you can have some fun with them. Last year after I curled my hair, I did one of those frame-hugging french braids and tied it back with a little green bow. Totally festive – check it out.

Look at how much shorter my hair was a year ago! And darker… holy black or maroon hair. What color is that even? Yikes. But anyway, that’s just a cute little twist you can add to your curls to spice it up and make them more fun and festive.

Pair this with my St. Patrick’s Day makeup and you are good to go baby!

3 Replies to “How To Curl Your Hair Tutorial – VIDEO!”

  1. Loved the video! I never thought of curling my hair in different directions, I always curl it the same way and end up with what I like to refer to as giant “sausage rolls”. I’m definitely going to try changing it up next time. Thanks for the tip!

  2. My hair came out great! Thanks so much for a great video.. Can you do a video on how you did that little french braid in the front? It looks really cute!

    1. So glad this worked for you! And yes of course I’ll post on how to do the mini braid, it’s super easy! ps – I may also have a new nail tutorial for you to check out soon. :]

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