The Battle of the Pinks

Isn’t it the worst thing ever when you go through all that effort to paint your nails and as soon as you’re done you know you hate the color? To me, that’s the worst thing! Right up there with paper cuts… just hate it! That’s exactly what happened to me last night. I was dying to paint my nails a light pink but I didn’t really have one in my vast collection & it was too late to go out and buy one.

Can you believe that in this entire collection I don’t have a single shade of pink that would satisfy me? The thing about me is… when I want something done, it has to be done like right then. So i dug through all of my colors and came out with one I thought would hold me over. This is what I came up with.

This is I Think in Pink by OPI. I hate it!! I feel like it’s the exact shade of pink all grandmothers wear. It’s just so hideous on. I bought this color when I was getting married as a potential shade for my wedding day. I never actually tried it out so I wasn’t 100% sure what it looked like. Aaaaand now I know. Gross. So I went to bed, woke up, and went to the store to find the perfect shade of pale pink that I had in my mind.

Now this is what I was looking for! This is a classic, Ballet Slippers, by Essie. In all seriousness, Essie can do no wrong. Am I right? I mean, typically OPI is pretty spot on too, it’s what they do after all. I just got a hold of the wrong stuff (said like the guy in that Leprechaun video, duh).

Alas, I am quite satisfied with my latest purchase. This is the perfect shade, it’s exactly what I was going for. I no longer feel like every time I look at my hands I should see wrinkles and giant blue veins. yuck. But that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think?

3 Replies to “The Battle of the Pinks”

  1. I know just what you mean about the perfect pale pink! I had the same problem last week. 30 pinks and none I liked! I don’t usually wear such pale colors, but I’m super excited for the OPI NYC Ballet collection. Looks so pretty!

  2. That’s how I felt looking for the perfect nude polish. Either they were too dark for my skin and it looked like I was sick or they were too light and my hands looked like mannequin hands. Finally I turned to essie and found my perfect shade. It makes my nails look natural and glossy, I love it. So do you plan to keep wearing the opi pink? I don’t think the shade is too aging.

  3. eh I don’t thnk I’ll wear this color again… I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is I don’t like about it, but I think it looks terrible with my complexion. Speaking of the perfect nude, have you tried Sand Tropez by Essie? It’s my new favorite color! I don’t know if it’s a nude or a tan, but I’m obsessed with it!

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