Label Lust: Linea Pelle

Since I’m pregnant and clothes shopping no longer excites me as it used to, I have switched gears to accessories, and more importantly, hand bags. I’ve posted about my love for Linea Pelle before (here), but after re-visiting their website and looking at all of their new stuff for Spring, this brand deserves their own special place on my blog.

What I love about this brand is…. well… everything! But most importantly, the color. Linea Pelle perfectly combines neutrals with bold hues and still manages to tie everything together like I’ve never seen before. If you ever watch shows like Project Runway, designers and judges are always so critical when collections don’t look like a collection because the colors are all over the place, or whatever. Not the case with LP, not at all. As far as I can tell, Linea Pelle keeps a few staple colors in their collections, black, white, and some shade of tan. Then there’s always a rotating shade or two. Like right now, they are showcasing eye-catching purple, and a gorgeous emerald green. My first item I ever owned from Linea Pelle was the Dylan zip wallet in a bright, bright orange. I have to be honest… I used that wallet for like 3 years straight without ever adding a different wallet into the rotation. It got dirty and looked beat up, but it kinda seemed like it was supposed to look that way since it was leather, ya know? Anyway, as dirty as it got, I really didn’t care because it is literally the perfect wallet. It zips all the way open so you don’t have to fight with your credit cards to get them out of their little slots. It has a very convenient built in change purse. Everything about it I just love. Recently, my husband bought me a Tory Burch wallet and how could I not use it, that would have just been rude. So I switched out all of my belongings and put away my beloved Linea Pelle. I have to be honest with you guys, I love my T. Burch wallet, it’s black patent and very classy looking, but I really, really miss my Linea Pelle wallet! And the zipper on my Tory Burch falls off like, every other day. I mean come on? I’ve had it for only a few months and the thing is already broken? My Linea has never let me down. I think that I may use this upcoming season change as an excuse to break out my LP wallet again… if I tell my hubby the Tory Burch wallet is a winter wallet, he can’t really fight that, right?

Anyway, these are some of my absolute favorite looks from Linea Pelle, check them out.

Dylan envelope clutch

Dylan zip tote

Dylan cross body bag

Can we just talk about my favorite part of these bags and wallets? Please, please just take a gander at their insides. It’s to die for.

They’re all lined with zebra print! Like.. stop it! I really cannot express enough how much I really love these bags, wallets, clutches, even belts! Take a look at the whole website because I promise there is something for everyone in there. Also, another bonus, they’re having a pretty amazing St. Patrick’s Day themed sale right now. 30% off anything green, just use code LPEMERALD30 at checkout. Amazing! Dig it.

To see their whole site just go here. Enjoy ;]

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