Inside my new digs.

Morning! Things have finally settled down at the new place and it happened a lot faster than I thought it would. We unpacked our whole lives in under 2 days and it looks like we’ve been living here for way longer than just a few nights. Since this is our own space and we won’t lose a security deposit if we paint the walls, I decided to get a little crafty here. Check out some pictures of my new spaces.

This is the adorableeeeee elephant soap dispenser I found at Home Goods. I had nowhere to put this, it doesn’t match my new bathroom and it doesn’t really fit or work in my kitchen. But I had to have it, so I bought it anyway and figured I’d find something to do with it later. Well, the next day I found a use for it. I made it a lotion dispenser.  I went to Bath & Body Works, found a scent I liked that wasn’t too overwhelming for my pregnant nose, and filled it up. It works perfectly and I couldn’t be happier! The scent I found, by the way, is Country Chic. It’s super yummy.


This little section over here is where I keep my makeup & whatnot. Please note my lotion dispenser. haha I always keep a little thing of q-tips wherever my makeup is because I’m always smudging or messing something up & these things are miracle workers when it comes to makeup. This is about a quarter of my makeup collection. I have one of those brief case looking things filled to the gills with eye shadows, extra blushes, eye liners, mascaras. What I keep on my dresser is what I use most often. It’s a little absurd. Just look at my lip gloss/lip stick collection that I think I use “often.”

See? These are my “every day” glosses and sticks. I don’t know who I think I’m kidding. I use like 6% of these and every time I go to any store I have to buy another one. I go through phases, it’s unhealthy, I can’t help it. Whatever.




This is my favorite thing I’ve done so far! My jewelry box was a complete disaster… like hot mess isn’t even the word. I had delicate, expensive necklaces in little mini zip lock bag type things all wrapped around each other. I literally kept all those little bags in a big freezer lock bag that I would use for “travel.” It was a nightmare. So I saw something on Pinterest that interested me (Pinterest, Interest, ha ha ha) so that was my first order of business after the move. Being 6 months pregnant and moving is a disaster in itself. Every 10 minutes Matt told me to sit down and relax, but I kept feeling like I couldn’t unless this jewelry box was organized. hah. So I made these home-mad crafty earring hangers and it freed up SO much space for the rest of my jewelry that was having a messy orgy somewhere in the depths of this jewelry box.

So much more room in areas that would normally be designated for my earrings!


And now let’s talk about my closet. Which I have a mild, borderline unhealthy obsession with. Now, the closet is not in its final stages yet. It still needs a little organizing but it is gigantic and it makes me wonder how I ever lived without a closet that big. hah

Hats, cross body bags (yes, I have a spot entirely dedicated to those), scarves, and my 2 winter coats which hang on hooks for easy access.

The nifty way I hang my fedoras because these bastards just never stay put on hooks.

SO much crap. Last year when Matt & I moved from one apartment to another I got rid of about half my wardrobe. He literally said to me, “not to sound like an asshole, but I don’t know how you still have so much crap.” haha I don’t either! Look at my closet in our last place, it’s laughable.

It was absurd. I had a walk in closet, but I shared half of it with Matt so we had to get real creative with our space. Now I have this big beautiful closet all to myself and it’s pretty much my own personal clothing store. The only downside? Being that I’m pregnant I can only enjoy about 10% of my clothes, haha.

So this is inside my bedroom, so far! We still have a little work to do but I’m really loving how it’s coming out. I have a couple other crafty tricks in mind but I need to do one thing at a time or my husband is going to put me on bed rest. Thanks for taking a little tour of my humble abode. Hope ya liked it! ;]

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  1. I love the earring hangers you made. So cute! Now I’m inspired to clean my jewlery box too. Can you do a post on how to make those earring hangers please? Love your blog! xo

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