Tunesday Spotlight x2: Thomas Nicholas Band

I know I already posted a song this week, and I’ll probably forget to post one next week, but I just had share this with everyone. I think we, as a species, can agree that there is nothing more annoying than actors turned musicians. Or Fly Girls turned “artists,” (hi J. Lo). Fortunately, every once in a while, an actor or actress comes along that kind of… surprises us; refreshing! A while back on Twitter I was followed by Thomas Ian Nicholas. THE Thomas Ian Nicholas, who we all know and love from American Pie. (He was my personal favorite, I know all the girls swooned over… what was his name? Chris Klein? But not me, I thought ‘Kevin’ was just the cutest!) So when I saw that this was the real Thomas Ian Nicholas, I about lost my shiz. And then I discovered that this was his band’s Twitter account, even cooler!

His band, appropriately titled Thomas Nicholas Band, is basically the love child of maybe, let’s say, the Wallflowers and LIT. Instant 90’s headache, in a good way, a really good way! He plays guitar, he sings, and get this world….. he’s GOOD! Hallelujah. I love me some real talent in this world of techno migraines and house beat headaches. So please check them out! And let’s all take comfort in the fact that Thomas is just as adorable now as he was in American Pie!

Thomas Nicholas Band – Wasting My Time …… dig it :]

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