Sun Days; My summer wardrobe… kind of.

Let me tell you one thing… senior citizens in Florida do not take kindly to young women, pregnant, wearing a bikini. That is exactly what I wore on my mini vacation over this past weekend. I’m sorry, but I am 24 years old. I may be pregnant, and I may be a new mother this summer, but I am still just 24 years old. If anyone thinks I’m going to shell out money for some ugly, bunchy, unflattering, maternity one piece, you’re out of your minds. My ass still fits in a bikini, so I’m wearing one. Here I am on the beach in Marco Island, 24 and a half weeks preggers. Check it out ;]

I think I look pretty damn good, thank you! haha seriously though, I’m due in early June so I don’t really have to worry about this whole summer-approrpriate wardrobe thing. One thing I am excited about? If I do buy new bikinis for this summer, I need to get larger tops! No more smalls for me! HALLELUJAH! I never thought I’d see the day where my bottoms and my tops are the same size haha. Finally, my bubbies have caught up to my other…….. assets. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wore my Victoria’s Secret bathing suits all weekend. After owning one of those, it’s so hard to shop for bathing suits any where else isn’t it? I just love theirs.

All in all, the vacation was lovely. I went down for a few days with my parents to visit my Grandparents who are staying down there for the winter months, along with the rest of Florida. They should really change their license plates to “The Senior State.” I kid of course, it’s a great place. No New Jersey, but it’s fine. Here are a few other pictures from the trip.

Me & my papa bear - who is also showing off his belly haha
Mamma, me, and the grandparents.
me, pappa, and the grandparents. Look at my belly!

The vacation was short lived… and here I am back in chilly NJ. Although, I can’t really complain because the weather really hasn’t been too bad since I returned home. It is supposed to snow tomorrow, but I choose not to believe it haha. Being home just makes me excited for the summer that is quickly approaching.

The water in the showers in Florida were horribly unkind to my hair, so I kept my hair in a fishtail braid for about 3 days straight. I am thinking of posting a fishtail braid how-to soon. They’re complicated, but once you get the hang of it they’re super easy, they just take FOREVER. I might make that tutorial a video instead of a step by step how-to because I think it’s much easier to do when you actually watch it being done. Pictures and explanations are never good enough for me. Another thing I am thinking about dabbling in, hair chalking! I really adore the way this looks and it’s super simple to do so I will be playing around with that soon as well.

ALSO! It’s Tunesday! aaaaand Tuesday! which means two things: 1. I have to come up with something to post today that I’m listening to for all of your listening pleasure. and 2. I’m 25 weeks pregnant today! And Baby R is being compared to a new food. I’ll post the picture & update to my Baby R section in a little while. So be sure to check back in a little bit for all that goodness.

Bye loves.

4 Replies to “Sun Days; My summer wardrobe… kind of.”

  1. If I was an old lady, I’d say that you look ADORABLE! Ignore the ones who think differently, because they have obviously already gone senile. 😉 I hope one day, when I’m pregnant, I will look like I am only carrying a basketball in my belly also. 😉

  2. You look cute! One of my favourite parts about being preggo was wearing my bikini on vacation and not being self conscious in it for the first time ever, because my belly was supposed to be hanging out.

  3. aw thanks guys! I really enjoyed letting my belly hang out… haha Some people actually came up to me and told me I looked adorable, others just stared in disbelief haha. Either way, I enjoyed it.

  4. let them hate. you’re the cutest thing ever preggers. nothing worse than a cute pregnant girl in a mumu. i’m gonna accentuate the shit out of my bump if i ever get pregnant!

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