Tunesday Spotlight: Robyn

I first heard this song when I was like 10 or 11 years old. I’m pretty sure the first time I heard it was while hanging out with my older cousins (who are all guys- by the way). I was in love with this song… literally made my mom take me to Coconuts in the Home Depot plaza by our house and buy me this CD. Which was a big deal at the time because parent’s aren’t just dishing out $20.00 bucks for their 11 year old’s music collection back in the day. So I went home, popped this CD into my gigantic CD player and danced along to it for like…… 5 years straight. I had an entire music video, featuring myself, created in my bedroom for this song. My dad had this portable cigar holder that looked exactly like a microphone and every day while he was at work I’d steal it out of his office and sing into it. Yeah… this music career of mine was no joke, haha. Sadly Robyn kind of disappeared in the years that followed but I still put her CD on in my car every now and then… BUT! Like a year ago I hear that she’s coming back and I’m like OH MY GOD more songs for me to secretly dance around in my bedroom to! But her music is waaay different this time around, she’s all grown up and has this sexy dancy weird club music vibe now. The girl still has it, clearly, but I will forever love my 90’s Robyn. In fact.. I’m going to go dance around in my living room blasting this song now, k byeee.


Robyn – Show Me Love

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