Tunesday Spotlight; The Civil Wars

Almost forgot it was Tunesday again! This week I was totally torn between the kind of music I wanted to post… do I do something mushy and cute because it’s Valentine’s Day… or do I just post a song I’m loving right now? I’m skipping over the mushy romantic music because if you don’t have a Valentine this year, you don’t wanna hear it, I’m sure. I went for a song that I’m digging right now. The general public probably discovered this band over the weekend during the Grammy’s; they “opened” for T. Swift. I found them a while back and was instantly drawn to their sound. One of my favorite movies is O, Brother Where Art Thou? and this song sounded like it could have been plucked right off of their sound track. And let’s be honest, this guy has a certain Johny Depp’esque quality that we all adore. These are the Civil Wars. Enjoy!

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

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  1. Cannot believe you posted this. I just listened to this song today….24 times. I LOVE IT. And had the same exact thoughts! Even about the O Brother Where Art Though movie, I thought the same exact thing. Totally in love with this song right now.

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