Tunesday Spotlight: Cowboy Junkies

So I actually heard this song for the first time while I was flipping through the channels and landed on one of HBO’s random movie channels. This movie Lost and Delirious was playing. I had never seen it before, never even heard of it before. But after Coyote Ugly I have a deep love for Piper Perabo and she just so happened to be the first thing I saw so I thought I’d stop and take a gander for a minute. The movie itself, much like the title, is just weird. And this actually happens to be like, the only scene I watched. What really captivated me was this song playing throughout the entire scene. The voice is beautiful and the lyrics remind me of some fantasy life I would love to live. This is the exact clip I watched, so you’ll see what I saw for the first time. Unless, of course, you’ve already seen this movie before. These are my favorite lyrics from the song:
All that I know to be true is the touch of your hand on my skin.
One look from you can so easily soothe all this turmoil within.
As we dance cheek to cheek with our feet so completely locked in a time all our own,
I stark to speak, and you gently keep me moving in time to the song.
And in a voice that is sloppy with gin, you say, “let the world spin.” 



The Cowboy Junkies: River Waltz. 

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