Manicure of the Month!

This month’s manicure is dedicated to my football team, the New York Giants! I am a big believer in jinxes and good/bad luck charms. I don’t carry around a rabbit’s foot, I’m not that crazy, but I do believe that some things could have good vibes attached to them, and others could have bad vibes. I have lucky t-shirts that I rely on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Giants haven’t made it this far because I refuse to take off my lucky t-shirt when they play… but, I do believe it helps! (haha, crazy, I know!) I am a creature of habit and when I find something that works for me, I hate to switch it up. But yesterday as my best friend Ashley and I were wandering the mean aisles of Target, we came across this bright idea… Giants themed nails! This was a big step for me, I didn’t want to go too over the top before the game. I believe getting too amped up puts too much pressure on everyone, including the team, haha! So here they are. Our NY Giants inspired nails. Peep this.

We decided to try out the crackle nail polish. A first for both of us. So we went for the Aruba Blue by Essie and opted for the Sally Hansen brand Crackle polish. Be warned: it goes on thick! I really didn’t love the way mine came out so I’ll show you Ashley’s manicure step-by-step instead. (there’s only two steps… it’s pretty fool proof).

What You Need: 

Two colors of your choice: one will be the base, and the other the top coat.


1. Paint your nails with the base coat. We used Aruba Blue and it’s dark and thick enough that you only really need one coat. If you’re using a lighter or more sheer color you can probably get away with two coats

2. Wait for the base coat to dry completely.

3. When nails are dry, add a very thin layer of the crackle. I caked mine on a little too thick and I didn’t love the way it came out. Ashley’s, and my little sister Abby’s, came out much better than mine! hah

And viola! The finished product!

So our NY Giants nails proved to be good luck, they were able to beat the 49ers and are now Super Bowl bound, woo! It was a close call though and I blame it all on my choice to wear a Ross jersey instead of my good luck t-shirt. It wasn’t looking so good so I took off my jersey in the 4th quarter and boom! A big win for us. haha see? It’s all out the lucky things! I’m thinking for the Super Bowl I’ll do my nails up big. Something much more creative than just some crackle polish. But for now, this is a super easy manicure to try in your spare time. I hate the way mine look now though, so I’ll be taking this polish off between today and tomorrow and trying something else. I’m feeling creative!

I’m also working on a little self tanner post in the future. I have been experimenting with various self tanners recently and I think everyone can benefit from my trials and tribulations! So stay tuned for that!

Have you guys tried the crackle polish out yet? It was a huge trend not long ago but it seems like it’s kind of fizzled out. What are the experiences you’ve had with this wonder polish? Do tell! 😉

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