Wednesdays with Mitch.

Why, hello there! Welcome back to the blog child I keep abandoning. Sorry for the disappearing acts lately, I have had mucho on my plate, but I promise within the next few weeks everyone will be all caught up.

I have posted a #Tunesday for the day, so head on over to that section of the blog and check it out. Incubus has been my saving grace these past two days. Too often I forget about how in love I am with certain bands until my iPod decides to dig them up. Therefor, I have rekindled my love affair with Incubus so get your ears ready.


Anywho. As you may notice, I added a section to the “quotes” entitled “Mitch Albom.” When I was a freshman in college I lost a very dear friend. It was the first loss I have ever experienced outside of my family. And to be honest, even up to that point I hadn’t lost any really, really close family aside from my Great Grandmother, so this was really hard for me. I wasn’t sure quite how to cope with it, I got kind of weird. One day my dad came home and handed me a gift wrapped package. It had happened right before my birthday so I assumed it was a birthday present. I unwrapped it and there were 3 books inside; Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and For One More Day. All my dad said was, “You know….. to help you cope.” And that was that. I cried a lot, and was very confused as to why my father would give me such a depressing birthday present. I think I may have even gotten a little mad at him, but in the long run it did exactly what he said it would; it helped me cope. I constantly refer back to those books when I feel sad and the powerful messages within them help me feel better. I highly suggest that anyone who is struggling to cope with anything in their lives read these books. Even if you have already, read them again. It’s worth it. I added this section to my blog so you can check out his quotes when you need a little inspiration, much like I do. There’s even one on my facebook page as we speak. :] So check it out. And enjoy. xo

Click here if you want to shop his books.

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