WIN a Trip to the Caribbean!

Want to win a 4 night stay on the island of Curacao? Well, DUH! Who wouldn’t? Want to know you can win this fantastic vacation? Of course you do. Listen closely, it’s very, very easy.

I work for a shoe company that originated making “Switchflops.” Flip flops that you can change the strap on to personalize your look without breaking the bank on a new pair of shoes every time you wanted a new look. My company, Lindsay Phillips,is having a contest for everyone to design their own strap! Unfortunately, this strap won’t be put into production, but I don’t think that will matter as you’re sitting on the beach sipping your Mai Tai, will it? Didn’t think so. So here’s all you have to do:

1. Download the strap template here

2. Design away! You can use any materials your pretty little heart desires. Sequins, puffy paint, pom-poms, ribbon, shells, dog hair… like really, whatever you want to use, use it!

3. Send it to this address:
Lindsay Phillips LLC
Strap Contest
2 Ridgedale Ave/Suite 340
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

4. There’s one catch… it must be post marked by tomorrow, October 27th. Sorry for the late notice folks, I suck, I know. But we’re not technically ending the contest tomorrow, you have til the end of the first week of November to get them to us, JUST have to be postmarked by the 27th.

5. Send us an explanation why you designed the strap you designed. Did you use sea shells because you love the beach? Tell us!

So that’s it! Easy peasy right? Visit the site for full terms and conditions, but that is the gist of it. Also, just one entry per person.

So please do send us a submission! Between you and me, we haven’t gotten that many yet, so your chances of winning are pretty, pretty good! Need some inspiration? You can visit our Facebook to see what some of our other customers have submitted so far! This is the strap I made when we did a little contest of our own in the office.

Showing off my Jersey pride, as per usual. :]

Ok kids. Something to work on tonight with a big glass of wine and all your left over crafts from big/little night (cough, cough, sorority sisters!) We’ll be choosing one winner and a friend to go on a 4 night stay in the Caribbean and we’ll also be fronting some of the money towards plane tickets. So really, what have you got to lose? Send us a damn strap! K thanks love you bye.

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