My trip to Bahstahn

Sorry folks, this post won’t be super fashion-forward. It was cold, rainy, and windy the entire duration of my trip. Didn’t leave much room to play with cute outfits & accessories. I think you’ll live though.

Friday morning Matt & I set off bright & early with our good friends Alex and

Francesca and Me bored to death in the back seat.

Francesca; we were Boston bound. This was my first time ever in Massachusetts. As much as I loathe Boston fans (no offense, kids, really) one cannot deny how beautiful their state is! As soon as you cross the boarder you can tell you’re in MA, it’s really a pretty place. We arrived at our hotel right outside of Boston around 3 in the afternoon. It was about a 5 hour drive all together, not too bad. We showered up and headed in to Boston for dinner. We ended up at the Union Oyster House, which is the most amazing place! It’s technically the original restaurant in all of the US, and!The toothpick was used for the first time at this place…so they say. The only thing that upsets me is they have a giant tub of lobsters all crammed on top of each other clawing around for their lives.

I opted not to have the lobster that night, hah. Dinner was fun, and afterward we explored the city, which was also fun. Anyone who knows Morristown knows Dark Horse... well there’s a ‘club’ called The Purple Shamrock well it’s the Dark Horse of Boston, minus the creepy cerial killer’s basement. Otherwise, same exact place. We also got to visit Cheers!Where everybody knows your name. They did not know our names… in case you were wondering.

Saturday we headed to Salem, which is the perfect place to visit around Halloween! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! There are haunted houses on every corner, awesome bars every where you turn, and real witches wandering the streets. There’s so much history crammed into one tiny town, it’s seriously so much fun! We had lunch at a place called “Rockafellas” that served a drink so spicy you had to sign a waiver to have one. The Helltini. Matt & Francesca both ordered one. She finished her’s in like 10 minutes, it took Matt about a half hour, lots of water, and a full plate of french fries to get his down. But when they were done they got to take home a super cute t-shirt stating they survived the helltini. Totally worth it! After a full day of sightseeing we ended up back at our hotel around 11 and passed out.

Sunday we ventured back into Boston for lunch and shopping before we headed home. We ate at a little place called Ned Divines, which I suggest everyone should visit if they are every in Boston, the place is awesome. Overall the trip was a lot of fun, I felt like I couldn’t sleep enough when I got back, I was exhausted! These are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip.


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  1. Aw looks like you had tons of fun! Poor lobsters :(. Ned Devines is a really awesome place! I totally agree about how beautiful it is here, especially in the fall 🙂


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