DIY: Name Banner

I spent almost my entire college life in a Sorority, where we learn really useless skills for crafting. Since I’m all grown up now, graduated, and my littles are getting littles, I have fewer excuses to craft these days. One of my favorite crafts from DPhiE were the name banners that bigs usually (I say usually because my big never made me one) make for their little sisters. They’re super easy and would even be great for bridal showers or baby showers. Watch and learn.

What you will need:

Paint Brushes
Glitter (optional)
Wood Paint
Hot glue gun
Wood letters

All found at craft stores like AC Moore & Michaels.


1. First decide what you’re going to create a banner for. In this case, I made one for Matt’s little sister using her name. If you’re making one for a bridal shower, it can say “Here comes the bride” and for a baby shower it can say “It’s A Boy!” or even the baby’s name. You get the point. There are really a ton of possibilities when it comes to these. So plan out what it’s going to  say ahead of time so you know what letters to get at the craft store.

2. Next, choose a paint and paint each letter. The wood paint dries relatively fast so you won’t have to wait forever to do two coats. If you decide to coat your letters with a layer of glitter, like I did, apply the glitter before the second coat dries.

3. Let the paint and glitter dry. This should only take about 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Next, take your ribbon out and create a bow on one end of the ribbon. If you have trouble creating a bow right from the ribbon, cut a piece off, make a bow, and just hot glue it on to each end later.

5. Don’t cut the ribbon off until you know exactly how much you’ll need to be able to fit all the letter. Lay the letters out on the ribbon first. Make sure there is about the same amount of ribbon on each side so it looks even.

6. Once you have your ribbon laid out, start hot gluing the letters on. Just be aware, the hot glue will go through the ribbon so don’t do any hot gluing on a carpet, or anything of major importance like your great great great grandmother’s antique table. It comes off with a little scratching and elbow grease, but still.

7. Once you know you have enough room, cut about an extra foot of ribbon if you make the bow right out of the ribbon. If not, just cut it where it will match the other side in length then hot glue the bow on the end.

And there ya go! It’s all finished. See, that wasn’t so hard was it? Typically these are hung over beds, but they can pretty much go anywhere. Just a tip for my closest friends, I will want one of these whenever I have a baby shower, ok? Thanks! :] haha…. seriously though. I want one. Doesn’t this bring back memories sisters? I bet everyone gets the crafting bug now.

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