Fall Favorites: October

Oh my goodness, I have not posted since September?! I feel like I have abandoned you guys! My apologies. Well we’ve moved into another month… adios September, hello October! A lot of people love September because it’s still warm enough to not make us depressed but cold enough to break out the Fall wardrobe we all love so much. I must admit I am one of those people, but I love October and November too! With October comes pumpkin picking and leaves changing and there is something about the cold Fall air that I love! November, well November includes my favorite Holiday, Thanksgiving! And so, I mosey on to the chillier months with a smile on my face.

I have some new favorite things that you should all get your hands on for the Fall. New smells, new looks, new shiz. Check it out. ;]

1. Chunky knit infinity scarf: They are still my favorite. But as it gets colder you need to amp up the warmth a little bit. Trade in your skimpy infinity scarf for something much more durable. I found two that I absolutely love at Forever21.

2. Frye Boots; Dorado Riding: Um… I don’t know what else to say about this boot except YUM! The color, the height, the embellishments. I don’t even have to justify why this is perfect.

3. Say Yes to Blueberries Facial Towellets: As we all remember from September, I had these in cucumber and they were fantastic. I switched it up this month to give my skin something new so it doesn’t get too used to one thing. As well as removing makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin’s surface, these are ‘brightening’ cloths. Not exactly sure how, or if it’s just in my head, but I’m 100% they are brightening my skin after only 2 uses already. Go get some!

4. Essie Nail Polish in Power Clutch: This color scared me at first. It looks so hard in the bottle and I already have 20 shades of black I don’t use. But when applied it’s a magical mix of greys, and greens, and blacks… I don’t know, but it’s perfect for fall. Well done Essie!

5. Faux Fur Vest: I have a faux fur coat from last year and I’m almost tempted to cut the sleeves off (don’t worry, Matt, I won’t actually do it!) Grab yourself a faux fur vest before it gets too cold and you need to put the sleeves back on. HAH they are adorable and look so chic with everything. The perfect accent to any outfit.

6. Knit Beanie: I cannot lie… I’m not a huge fan of hats… considering I have a head the size of a pea and those “one size fits all” hats are complete bullshit. They never fit me. I need to keep my head warm too, ya know! So knit beanies are the perfect solution. To me they almost always run on the small side so they always fit my head and they look adorb!

7. Yankee Candle in Fireside: Every fall I get sad that we don’t have a fireplace. There is something about the smell of a fire burning in someone’s house that just makes me happy, I miss that smell! So thank you, Yankee Candle, for producing a candle that smells like a fire, you are angels.

8. Linea Pelle boho bag; Dylan Medium: Linea Pelle is one of my favorite handbag & accessories designers. She sticks to interesting yet not over the top colors and most of her items are lined with a zebra print fabric. How can anyone not love that? Across-the-body bags are big for the fall so her Dylan in red is one of my favorite things this fall. Unfortunately when I told that to my husband his response was “I think you have enough bags.” Silly husband… you’ll get it eventually. ;]

So those are a few of my favorite things this month! I forgot to add a comfortable flannel, but I think that kind of goes without saying. Here is a picture of me from last weekend at Long Branch’s Pooch Parade! I’ve combined a few of my favorite things from this month & last. But seriously, how cute is my dog? He’s the best! He’s being stylish as well with his “Link News” t-shirt. Unfortunately he’s not exactly coordinated enough to participate in the parade, but he was a good mascot anyway.

Also, I forgot to add my Tune yesterday, so feel free to check it out today! Have a great day, peeps. xo

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  1. I love this month’s selections especially the scarf. I may have to make a visit to Forever this weekend! I hear you on the beanie thing, I want to get one but they look weird on me.


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