Tunesday spotlight: Stage

I usually just update my Tunesday page every Tuesday but I feel inclined to do a little write-up on this band today. Way back in the day when I used to go see Matt’s band play all over the place with my friends there was this venue, Birch Hill. It was everyone’s favorite place to go to shows. It was way back in the middle of nowhere and gigantic. Aside from Sudzert [the hubb’s band] I got to see one of my absolute favorite bands at the time play, which would be SR-71. This was seriously, waaaay back in the day when I was like a freshman in high school if not younger. At the time the world of live shows was completely new to me and seeing my “favorite” band play was such a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, it still is, but now I can pretty much see my favorite bands whenever I feel like. Aaaah the good life.

Anywho. One night at one of these shows while waiting for Sudzert to come on we headed over to the ‘front’ stage to catch the opening bands on that side and that was the first time I encountered the band Stage. This guy’s voice seriously paralyzes you, I had never heard anything like it. They were handing out CD’s so I quickly snatched one up. Unfortunately it only had 3 or 4 songs on it… which was enough to hold me over because at least it had the ones I liked the most. Or did I just like them so much because they were the only ones I could listen to afterward? Nevermind. Not the point. Fast forward 5 or 6 years later and I’m interning for Broadcast Music Inc. [BMI] At one point I had a box of CD’s my boss asked me to upload onto the company’s iTunes. Mindless activity so I would copy CD’s while doing other work and one day I went to pick up the next CD in the pile and guess who it was? Stage! And it was their full CD. More than 3 or 4 songs that I’ve overplayed an obnoxious amount over the years. I literally looked around my office as if a little music fairy would pop out and grab the CD from me and disappear with it. As I uploaded it onto the hard drive I just sat there and listened to every single song about 3 times in a row. Sweet musical heaven. I have to admit also, that I stole the CD… I don’t think Samantha will miss it, but in case you’re reading this, I have your CD and I’m never giving it back! haha :] I can’t find the video or any such clip of my favorite song “The Scientist’s Canvas” but I would like for you all to read my favorite part of the song;

You look like the one my life is about.
The truth won’t kill me, it will just knock me out.
See I fell in love when you were too young.
Your canvas was set but the colors were wrong.

UGH, such an amazing song. I wish I could play it for you guys but I think the band has long since parted ways and Ryan Star (the singer) has since started a new band, way before Youtube was a big deal, so unfortunately I cannot seem to find it. For now, please enjoy my other favorite, The World has Come Between Us.Some of his lyrics are a little….. dark and twisted, we’ll say. But his voice and that music together, well I can deal with the dark and twisted. Enjoy. Oh and Ryan Star, if you’re reading this too, bring back Stage. Please and thank you.

Stage – The World Has Come Between Us

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