Fashion Night Out

So this year I experienced my first ever Fashion Night Out! Oh my goodness, I had no idea just what I was missing out on! We didn’t make it into the city (I made Matt venture out into the world of Fashion with me) but we did make it to Short Hills Mall, Neiman’s specifically. There was music booming through the store, champagne and wine a-plenty, and lots and lots of fabulous goodies.

I made out like a bandit with some amazing YSL makeup I literally die for. I’ve been playing dress up every day since last week, ha. I’m terribly bummed because the eyeshadow palate I really wanted was sold out! It was uh-mazing. I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for that. See all my pretty colors? I love.

Along with all of this makeup I got a few more goodies and samples galore! One of my favorites was a sample of Prada’s new perfume, Candy. Don’t judge me, but it actually kind of reminds me of Brittney Spears’ perfume Curious. (which I did own at one time in my life… shhh) It smells so soft and vanilla-y. It makes me want to bake cookies and cupcakes, ha. I think that will definitely be on my Christmas list, it’s the perfect scent for cold weather! Matt loves it as well, which is a bonus, and also very rare that we ever agree on a scent… (bring back the acqua di gio, cough, I’m tired of True Religion, cough cough).

Oh! And my other favorite sample? A lip balm from Jack Black (not the Actor)! I was particularly surprised to see this, and even like it, because I thought Jack Black was all about men’s shaving creams and stuff such as that. But no, they make all kinds of fun things! This particular lip balm comes in a variety of ‘flavors’ but I got natural mint & shea butter. It makes my lips all tingly but I kind of love it. It also has a built in SPF-25 which we all know I just adore. It’s super important to protect your lips and skin with SPF ALL YEAR ROUND! So do it, if you’re not already, or I will find you and hit you. Not really…. but maybe. The only thing I don’t exactly love about it is it can be a little on the sticky side which usually drives me nuts about balms and glosses. It’s not too bad, so I make an exception but it could use a little less stick.

I did 100% of my shopping the makeup section because I am way too dangerous with a Neiman’s credit card and anything else. The last thing I need is another pair of $900 shoes (not really though, I could always use more!) haha. But I did need to give my makeup inventory a makeover so that’s precisely what I did. I also got an amazing YSL eyeliner and makeup remover. Which are prefect together because the eyeliner is freaking waterproof. So that about sums up my first FNO experience. Next year I will be making my way into the city for the night and I think I will have to bring a couple girlfriends with me as well. Not that Matt isn’t a great shopping partner, but he’s no girl.

Where did you guys spend your night on FNO and what kinds of treats did you walk away with?

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