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Matt & I finally got to take a trip to the Botanical Gardens! I got a few great pictures (as did Matt, he had the actual camera, I had my phone) so as soon as I have a little time I will, of course, share them with you! I was a very grumpy girl on Saturday (I think that’s when we went?) because I was not dressed appropriately and I was hot and it was wet and muddy and my shoes got ruined, :[ wah. I was not a whole lot of fun to be around… just ask Matt. ha… ha… ha? Anyway. But alas, I tried to make the best of it after about an hour straight of complaining and ended up with some pretty wonderful pictures so stay tuned for that. ALSO ! I will be posting about the absurd fun I had on Fashion Night Out! I didn’t really do anything that exciting, didn’t make it into the city, but I still had fun. Got to sip champagne, listen to way too loud music, and spent way too much money on makeup. But I got lot’s of fun free gifts so it’s ok, right? Right.

Stay tuned for all that ladies and gents! OH! And I also have a super cool interview coming up in the next month or so with a super awesome designer. Not going to give away too much yet but keep an eye out for that! K thanks love you bye.


PS – I just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing feedback on my last post looking back on 9/11. I know it is something that affected all of our lives in many ways so thank you for taking the time to see how it affected me. Well wishes to everyone. <3

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