Do it Yourself: Friendship Bracelet

Well hello there! Long time no see. I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend filled with much relaxation as well as a few drinks here and there. Today I got a brand spanking new MacBook Pro! I’ve had my original MacBook Pro since before college and in the last year it has become much of a dinosaur. Too much of a dinosaur for me to even use. If I wanted to browse the internet I would literally have to load the browser, select the web page I wanted to look at, and then go for a walk while it loaded. Horrible. So today the executive decision was made to get me a new one. Hallelujah, and thank you Mr. Ross! So as soon as we got back home I was excited to play around with it and even post a new blog…. and then….. our power went out…AGAIN!  JCP&L is really starting to grind my gears. In the end, however, it ended up being a blessing in disguise because it finally allowed me to sit down and start my first Do it Yourself post that I have been avoiding for weeks now. So here we are, readers. I’m going to teach you how to create a friendship bracelet, and if your power happens to go out again thanks to those oh-so-awesome guys at JCP&L, at least you will have something to do with your time!

What you will need:

String (obviously), scotch tape, and scissors.


Step 1:
Select the colors you will want to use. *Note: The more colors you use the more prominent the shape of this bracelet will be.
For this bracelet you will need two separate strands of each color. 

Step 2:
Arrange the thread in the order you would like to use it.
The two groups of thread should mirror each other. (see below)

Step 3:
Take the outside color and cross it over the next color in line making a “4”
Pull the first thread over the second thread up to the top of the knot. Do this twice.

Do this with the first color all the way across until the last thread in that set. Stop when you get to the middle. (where the two colors meet, in this case, stop at the green thread).

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 but from the opposite side. In this case, the “4” will be backwards. Make sure the outer most thread crosses over the next one in line going towards the center. (see below)

Once the orange thread is on top of the pink one, pull it through the loop and pull up like you did to the other side. Continue this step all the way to the last thread in the middle.
Once you get into a pattern the strands of thread will eventually separate themselves and stay in their own place. Until then, you may need to stop periodically to make sure everything is in its place.

Step 5:
When the two end threads meet each other in the middle knot them over one another like you have done with the other strands.

Step 6:
Continue these steps until you create a pattern. Eventually you will start to see the progression.

Keep this going until the bracelet becomes long enough to fit around your wrist comfortably and then voila! You have a wonderful, fun, colorful friendship bracelet that all of your friends will be jealous of and beg you to make for them. And when they do, direct them to my website and tell them they can learn how to make one themselves. You can thank me later.

*disclaimer: please ignore my hideous manicure, I will be re-doing it tonight featuring my NEW September nail polish of the month! 

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  1. i’m bookmarking the shit out of this. i couldn’t remember how to make these, so this tutorial is the greatest. looks like i’ll be making mine and not shelling out cash for the dannijo version!

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