I want her job!

So I follow this blog [Tiny Buddha] and it’s simply amazing. Filled with uplifting posts on how to cope with real life complications; awful relationships, bad friends, loss, anger. You name it, they’re coping with it. It’s great, everyone should check it out, but that’s not the point of this post. I saw an advertisement on their blog for this website called Iwantherjob.com and naturally I clicked on the link. I loved what I saw. It was an entire website 100% dedicated to every day women who loved their jobs. What most attracted me to this site was that these weren’t like A-List celebrity women just bragging about doing nothing and making millions of dollars doing it; they were real life women with normal jobs that they just really loved. After reading several interviews I noticed there was a tab at the top of the page that said “become a leading lady” and I was like hmmm…. I love my job… I want to be a leading lady! So I took a small leap of faith and sent the creator an e-mail. This is what I said:

My name is Rachel Ross and I am writing for a chance to be featured on your blog. I have a very important reason for wanting to be featured here; my job seems very unimportant, my company is very small, and I cannot get enough of it. I was unemployed for a long time (I’m only 23, but I had worked every day of my life as soon as I was old enough, being as my parents both owned their own businesses. One being a karate school and the other a small chain of Italian ice stores). When I graduated college I quit my part time job as a salon receptionist, mostly because my boss had Ari Gold syndrome. I was getting married in August so I just stopped working all together to be my own full-time wedding planner. After the honeymoon was over (literally) I had gotten so used to being unemployed that I lost all motivation to actually do something with my college degree. Months had gone by and the excuses as to why I wasn’t looking for a job started to get worse and worse…my husband had eventually had enough. I started searching for the right company to work for. I had this idea that I wanted to do something really great and work for an amazing company in the city. I had interviews with Fashion designers and Music producers, but nothing seemed to work. I submitted a resume to this small company called Lindsay Phillips somewhere in the midst of all the resume submitting. Lindsay Phillips herself is a 26 year old Florida native who started designing shoes when she was in high school. To be honest, I had sent out so many resumes I had completely forgotten all about this company. A few days before my birthday I found out that the job I was most interested in had fallen through; I was one of the top 3 contenders but didn’t make the cut. I was devastated. I had already started planning my morning commutes, spending every penny I had left on “work appropriate” outfits, even day dreaming what my co-workers would be like. To get a letter in the mail that says thanks, but no thanks, really sucked all the wind out of my self-confident sails. Christmas and New Years came and went and I was still unemployed. I was sitting on my couch crying to a Lifetime show when my cell phone rang and the woman on the other end of the line introduced herself as “Shelli, from Lindsay Phillips!” My heart dropped. To think, I almost let this call go to voicemail because I was crying so hard watching “One Born Every Minute.” I came in for a series of interviews with just about everyone who worked there and within two weeks I had a full-time job. The girl who I was replacing was supposed to train me, and just my luck, never actually came back. The position I hold is mainly “web representative” or “web customer service.” It’s a one person gig, and I was thrown into the middle of it blind. I had to train myself with help here and there from other coworkers who knew some of what my position entailed. After a month or two I was finally able to take the training wheels off and stop playing catch up and really make my presence known at this company. One of the main things we are trying to do is expand ourselves through social media, and that is where I really come in. The day Facebook opened up to anyone in or out of college, I had one. The day I learned about Twitter, I made one. I was a self-proclaimed Social Media guru. In the short months that I have been working for this company, I have nearly doubled the amount of twitter followers we have and grown our Facebook fans by over 4,000, and those numbers continue to grow every day. I have been able to put my own voice and creative ideas to work to attract people to our company. I get to do fun things like to go events we co-host and do live tweeting and Facebook posting as well as keep up with our blog and Youtube page. Holding this position has given me so much more knowledge about Social Media, and the fashion industry as a whole. There is about 20 people who work for this company, and 90% of them are women between the ages of 23-40. (There’s literally only 4 men what work here!) It’s an amazing company to work for. Over the past month or two, I’ve gone from web customer service to a social media strategist. I know that you’re very selective about the women you choose to be featured, and I know that being a social media strategist isn’t exactly the most glamorous job of them all, but I truly do love what I do. I think it would be fun to be featured on this blog for young women soul searching right out of college to know what options are really out there. It is a tough pill to swallow when 9 out of 10 companies shut you down. On the other hand, it’s a really special gift when that 10th company gives you a chance, and it ends up being the perfect fit for you!

It’s pretty cheesy but she loved my pitch so much she e-mailed me back within days saying she would love to feature me. I was very excited then and even more excited when she e-mailed me yesterday to tell me my interview went live. So check it out babes! Here’s my interview with Brianne Burrowes from I Want Her Job!

PS – Brianne is pretty amazing herself and she’s also featured on the site so everyone should check it out. Maybe you’ll end up on there too!

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