So I am a huge lover of music. I pretty much fell in love with Matt (my husband) the first time I saw him at Maple Place’s Variety show when I was in 5th grade as he awkwardly strummed his guitar and sang Everlong by the Foo Fighters so high Dave Grohl would be embarrassed. But dammit, he was good, and oh SO cute and I fell a little more in love every time he hit a high note. I still love to listen to him play his guitar and quietly sing along in our living room from time to time. I was raised being dragged to the Asbury Park boardwalk by my mother every time Bruce was practicing with the E-Street band at the Convention Center, we would sit on a blanket on the beach and just listen to the muted music flowing through the open windows. Music has been a big part of my life for years, and even though I have almost no musical talent myself (I did play the flute all throughout middle school and can still read music) I can appreciate good music as much as the next guy.

Years ago I was introduced to this band, Lynam, by my boss from PNC Bank Arts Center. It’s a very, very long story how he found them, but long story short: Bon Jovi’s priest pretty much discovered this Alabama band and brought them to New Jersey. We’ve been friends ever since and I am a HUGE fan of their music. They are 80’s hair metal meets modern country rock and what a fantastic love child that turned out to be. This is their biggest single, Tanis. It’s a treat for the ears, so enjoy!

Another band I must tell everyone about is The Gay Blades. I know, with a name like that most people wouldn’t give this band a second listen, but they are really worth it. It’s made up of just two guys, Quinn (drummer) & James (guitar & vocals). It’s important to know there’s just two guys when you actually listen to their music. They’re so entertaining you would think they had about 9 people in the band. I worked with Quinn years ago at my favorite place in the whole wide world, Michael Angelo’s. And yes, if I could still work there on weekends, I would! But that’s beside the point. This song is called N.H.D.N and it’s one of my personal faves! At a Gay Blades concert one time James insisted that the whole crowd clapped along to one of their songs… I wasn’t clapping. He literally got off stage, walked through the crowd, and called me out for being “too cool to clap.” These guys are awesome.

This music isn’t for everyone, I get that, but it’s definitely worth listening to at least once. The personalities these guys have are all larger than life and it definitely comes out in their music. Also, while you’re at it… check out this totally awesome band Sudzert. The lead singer is quite a hottie. 😉

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