For the love of Jen!

Anyone who knows me knows I have some sick obsession, borderline girl crush on Jennifer Aniston. The day Brad broke her heart, I swear a little bit of me died too. I will buy any magazine with her face on the cover, especially if it’s a story about how her and Brad are sneaking around behind Angie’s back. I will admit I am one of those crazy tabloid readers that believe 98% of what I read. BUT, only in US and People, all those other tabloids are for the birds. I have become so consumed with the well-being of Jen, (yes, we are on a first name basis) I have developed a bitter, bitter hatred for Angelina…and Brangelina. I literally won’t even watch a movie that she is starring in. Imagine the moral battle I was having with myself when The Tourist came out. Johnny Depp….. BUT Angelina? I couldn’t do it. My feelings against “Angie” were so strong that I couldn’t stomach her for 2 hours. I won’t even let Matt watch movies she’s in. I know, it’s psychotic and I’m sure he does, but he knows better than to tell me.

So anyway, the point here is that I am a huge Jen fan. I route for her in everything and I want her to be happy. The other day I was in my supervisor’s office and we somehow stumbled on to the topic of who she’s dating now. Jennifer is an amazingly talented woman and incredibly beautiful. When I am her age I will probably be about 30+ pounds heavier with really rashy Irish looking skin (thanks Mom). She’s just all around flawless. She needs to be with someone on her level. One of my biggest pet peeves is couples that don’t match. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous girl dating a short, stocky, douche bag. Or a really handsome guy with some train wreck on his arm. Although I’m sure Justin Theroux is just a delight, in my professional opinion, he does not match Jen, at all. My coworkers seem to share this opinion, so every single day we have been coming to each other with ideas on who we think Jen should be with. If we were celebrity match-makers, we would be REALLY bad at it! Every single guy we come up with is either not up to her standards (err… our standards for her), or married, and happily. But, a girl can dream. So below are some of our top picks for Jen’s future hubby and we want your feedback! Keep in mind, we are well aware some of these guys are taken, but in a perfect world, they’d be taken by our Jen.



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